January 2022

Assam continues to displace Muslims

India has launched a new forced eviction drive aimed at displacing 106 families, mostly Muslims, in the state of Assam under the pretext that they live on government-owned land, amid international fears of a recurrence of last September’s deadly eviction drive.

December 2021

A call to save the Delhi Jama Masjid

 Jama Masjid Advisory Council in Delhi, India has called for prompt action to save the 362-year-old mosque after it was severely damaged during the past years, considering the government's neglect of its restoration and conservation. https://youtu.be/ktmkkGJST4o

November 2021

Decline in living standards of Muslims in India

A recent survey revealed a decline in the quality of life of Muslims in India between 2014-2019. According to the study, 2% of the Muslim population used cars, ACs, PCs, TVs and fridges in 2014, but this percentage halved in 2019 to become only 1%.

October 2021

What is happening in Kashmir?

Social networks witnessed widespread calls for solidarity with Muslims of Kashmir, after India had launched arrests campaign, in conjunction with attacks and counterattacks that killed 28 people, most of them are Muslims. So, what is happening in Kashmir? https://youtu.be/-0LsnjVGHGA

September 2021

Hijab and public jobs in India

Applications of over 1,000 Muslim girls were rejected by the West Bengal Police Recruitment Board (WBPRB) in India because of wearing hijabs in the attached photos. The candidates said that the WBPRB is depriving them of their constitutional and religious rights.

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