December 2021

«Returning to the Mount» group

Israeli media revealed that an extremist Jewish group arranges for its members to disguise themselves as Muslims in order to enter Al-Haram Al-Sharif and perform their prayers secretly there, in violation of international agreements that prevent them from doing so.

The occupation wall to besiege Gaza

In violation of all international conventions, the Israeli occupation announced the completion of a new separation wall that surrounded the Gaza Strip along 65 km, with the aim of providing protection for settlers, turning Gaza into the largest prison in the world.

October 2021

Huge settlement plans in Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation authorities continue to violate all international covenants, as it recently launched huge settlement schemes that are being undertaken, with the aim of isolating Jerusalem from its entire Palestinian environment and sacking the West Bank.

September 2021

August 2021

An attempt to Judaize the Ibrahimi Mosque

The occupied city of Al-Khalil in Palestine witnessed widespread protests in the past days after the occupation authorities began a controversial operation to renovate the Ibrahimi Mosque, while the Palestinians say it is a new attempt to Judaize the mosque.

July 2021

June 2021

The keys to the Right of Return

Thousands of Palestinians keep old iron keys, which they inherited from their ancestors who were displaced in the year of Nakba. After 73 years, they cling to their right of return, all certain that these keys will return to their doors one day.

May 2021

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