December 2021

Prayer rooms in Moscow metro

Ildar Alyautdinov, the Mufti of Moscow said that Muslim prayer rooms will be opened in various institutions in Russia, such as airports, hospitals, metro, and shopping malls, to help Muslims perform their five prayers without disturbing other citizens.

August 2021

Muslims have been in Russia for 1100 years

Mufti of Moscow Ildar Alyautdinov said that Muslims have been in Russia for 1100 years and that their number exceeds 20 million, stressing that they enjoy religious freedom and full citizenship rights, and they maintain good relations with other religious sects.

January 2020

Petersburg Mosque in Russia

It was forbidden to pray in ‪the St. Petersburg Mosque in Russia, the largest mosque in Europe, for nearly 16 years. Built in 1913, the mosque is characterized by its blue mosaic dome. It now accomodates nearly 5000 worshippers.‬

October 2019

Islamic-Christian Dialogue

The Islamic-Christian Dialogue, which the OIC intends to launch in cooperation with Russia in the coming days, represents a new step on the road to tolerance and building bridges of trust among the followers of the two largest divine religions in the world.

September 2019

The Author Valeria Borukhova

May God have mercy on the Russian author Valeria Borukhova who passed away a few days ago. The author of the most famous Quran Russian translation introduced Islam in  Russia and Central Asia and devoted her life to advocate for Islam in her country.

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