January 2022

Wearing the hijab in Lagos schools

The Muslim Rights Concern in Nigeria said female Muslim students face daily persecution in Lagos public schools over wearing the hijab, which shows that some confuse combating terrorism and extremism with Muslim women’s right to practice their rituals freely.

Assam continues to displace Muslims

India has launched a new forced eviction drive aimed at displacing 106 families, mostly Muslims, in the state of Assam under the pretext that they live on government-owned land, amid international fears of a recurrence of last September’s deadly eviction drive.

December 2021

Celebrating Arabic calligraphy (Infographic)

The world celebrates adding Arabic calligraphy to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List, in recognition of its aesthetics and ability to link people and spread tolerance, a step that will ensure the survival and preservation of Arabic calligraphy arts.

«Returning to the Mount» group

Israeli media revealed that an extremist Jewish group arranges for its members to disguise themselves as Muslims in order to enter Al-Haram Al-Sharif and perform their prayers secretly there, in violation of international agreements that prevent them from doing so.

The occupation wall to besiege Gaza

In violation of all international conventions, the Israeli occupation announced the completion of a new separation wall that surrounded the Gaza Strip along 65 km, with the aim of providing protection for settlers, turning Gaza into the largest prison in the world.

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